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Oils & Lubricants

Oils and lubricants for tools and machinery at C.L. Jones.
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3-In-One Anti-Seize Copper Grease protects metal components from corrosion, rust, water, heat and acid. This lubricant and anti-seize compound can withstand extreme temperatures, and has added graphite for even better lubrication across the entire temperature range. Once applied, a protective coating is formed which will not wash off or burn, therefore reducing metal-to-metal friction. Also assists with the assembly and future dismantling of threaded fastenings. 300ml.
3-In-One High Performance Lubricant is an advanced PTFE synthetic flouropolymer formula which provides outstanding lubrication and corrosion protection under extreme temperature, pressure and motion. Friction and wear is dramatically reduced on all moving parts which extends the life of tools and machinery. This lubricant is suitable for use on all metal and non-metal surfaces including wood, glass, vinyl, rubber and plastics (except polycarbonate and polystyrene). This high performance lubricant will also drive out moisture and is capable of withstanding extreme temperature from -45 ° to +235 ° C. 400ml.
3-In-One Silicone Spray is a high-performance lubrication, offering protection from corrosion. This silicone lubricant dries quickly and is safe to use on metal, rubber, wood, and vinyl. It protects electrical parts and is perfect for wet environments, marine use and in catering/food environments (NSF H2 registered). 400ml.
3-In-One White Lithium Spray Grease is a heavy-duty lubricant aerosol spray, formulated to be water and heat-resistant for long-lasting protection against rust and corrosion. It reduces friction while protecting against rust and corrosion. It sprays on evenly as a liquid, and sets up dry for a thick coating. It will not splatter, melt, run, wash off or freeze. 400ml.
Faithfull oil can with a high quality seamless drawn body made from thick gauge metal and enhanced by a durable enamel finish. The powerful force-feed pump is crafted from solid brass to maximise performance and durability. Supplied complete with both a rigid spout and flexible spout.
Reinforced connecting hose to fit grease guns with a 1/8in BSPT thread. Grease hoses allow access to nipples with a limited reach. Due to their flexible construction, these are used for greasing hard to reach places. Fitting are zinc plated and hydraulically crimped on to the hose giving a working pressure of up to 5,800psi - 400bar.
Top selling mineral oil two-stroke engine oil.
Specially developed for STIHL engines.
Excellent lubrication and combustion properties.
Performance class: JASO-FB, ISO-L-EGB.
Fuel/oil ratio 50:1.
Specially formulated for older STIHL engines (manufactured in 2009 or earlier)
Outstanding Protection Against Wear
Semi Synthetic Lubricant
Prevents Resin Build Up During Prolonged Use
Usable at Temperatures as low as 25°
7 Year Shelf Life
Key Features
• Fully synthetic oil with exceptional lubrication properties.
• Burns with extremely low residue due to ash-free additive.
• Suitable for continuous use under the most demanding engine conditions.
• Performance class: JASO-FB, ISO-L-EGB. Fuel/oil ratio 50:1.
• Recommended for STIHL 4-MIX engines.
3-In-One Heavy-Duty Cleaner Degreaser deeply penetrates grease and grime to quickly remobe oil, dirt and grease from tools, equipments and engines. This hard-working degreaser is ideal for use on garden tools and equipment, car and truck engines and parts, and industrial machinery.